Application EZ.SPLIT

Quick Instruction

  1. Prepare your EZ. SPEEDY according to the chosen cable dimension:  
    • Assemble the violet in-/outlet plates to your EZ. SPEEDY (to replace the red ones for the standard application)
    • Assemble the rubber roller according to the chosen cable dimensions (roller sizes stamped in the aluminum ring of rollers, please see operating instructions for more details)
  2. Prepare your EZ. SPLIT booster unit (red) according to the chosen cable dimension:
    • Place the pair of tube clamps according to the respective tube dimension.
      Tighten screws properly
    • Place the corresponding rubber sealing around the cable
    • Lay the cable with the rubber sealing into the EZ.SPLIT booster unit
    • Plug the two EZ.SPLIT parts together and close the hinged screws.
    • Place the micro-duct into EZ. SPLIT within the tube clamps and tighten the nuts to secure the duct. 
  3. Connect the ready to use EZ. SPLIT booster unit to the EZ. SPEEDY outlet plate (violet). Tighten the hinged screw to secure the connection between EZ. SPEEDY and EZ. SPLIT
  4. Put the pair of cable guide half shells (green) around the cable and connect it to the inlet plate (violet) of EZ.SPEEDY. Tighten the hinged screw properly.

Next steps see application EZ.SPEEDY.