New generation of rubber rollers

You have an EZ.SPEEDY in your equipment and we are happy to inform that we have developed new rubber rollers.

The new generation of rollers, now black instead of grey, have more grip, produce less abrasion and are therefore more durable.

In addition, the new rollers are no longer firmly vulcanised onto the aluminium core, but consist of two separate parts:

1. Black roller made of nitrile rubber

2. Reusable aluminium core

It’s not only more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but also good for your wallet.

Another new feature is that now one works with two identical roller profiles for each cable dimension. 

The upper limit of the cable dimension is stamped in each roller edge and is identical to the size of the cable guide. This eliminates a possible source of error.

e.g cable diameter:

0,5 - 1,0mm - 2 x roll "1" 

1,0 - 2,0mm - 2 x roll "2" 

2,0 - 3,0mm - 2 x roll "3" 

3,0 - 4,0mm - 2 x roll "4" 

4,0 - 5,0mm - 2 x roll "5" 

5,0 - 6,0mm - 2 x roll "6" 

6,0 - 7,0mm - 2 x roll "7" 

7,0 - 8,0mm - 2 x roll "8" 

It’s compatible with any EZ.SPEEDY.

To replace the grey rubber rollers, you need to order the black rollers according to your cable dimension together with the aluminium core in a first order. 

Afterwards you only need to order the rubber rollers and reuse the aluminium core.

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Rubber rollers

Aluminium core

Thank you for your attention and have a good day.

Kind regards

Your Zeitler Team




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Exhibition & Conference, scheduled for mid-May, will be postponed to next year. The new date is 8 to 10 June 2021 in Cologne/Germany. The reasons for the postponement are the developments on the new coronavirus and corresponding directions of the health authorities.


Product Training for the FTTx Kit 1 in Switzerland

More infos and price for the FTTx Kits are available here.
Available for cable dimension ø 0,5-1,0 / 1,0-2,0 / 2,0-3,0 / 3,0-4,0 / 4,0-5,0 / 5,0-6,0 / 6,0-7,0 / 7,0-8,0 mm.


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Production of pull line strings
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