Pull Line blowing or ....

There are different ways to insert cables into conduits.  One way is using a special pull line to pull the cable though. This technique is used mainly for installations in residential or commercial buildings. 

 Revolutionary! Fast! Simple!

ZEITLER offers compact and efficient devices for blowing special pull line into electrical conduits
(ø 4 -200 mm).

Your benefits:

  • fast and easy to handle.
  • insert several hundred meters of pull line within seconds
  • designed for the job site
  • excellent accessibility even in very tight spaces
  • light-weight and compact
  • fits into any car boot 
  • exceptional price/performance ratio 

feeding cable directly?

Zeitler AG puts compact, very efficient manual cable feeding tools in your hands.

Fiber optic bundles and cables ( Ø 0.5-8.0 mm) may be feeded directly in a simple but efficient way aided by a cordless drill (EZ.SPEEDY) and/or pressed air (EZ.BOOSTER). Ideal tools specifically in building network installations. Cable insertions up to 500 meters. The installation of the 'last few meters' from the basement to the individual apartments proceeds without much effort or specific training.

With EZ.EASYGLIDE special lubricant is applied directly to the cable. You distribute special lubricant in a very economic and extremly efficient way.

Your benefits:

  • Ready to use within seconds
  • To be used with a cordless drill and a simple air compressor (10 bar)
  • No need for special training
  • Fast, easy and safe