The EZ.SPEEDY and EZ.BOOSTER put a compact and very efficient cable jetting system into your hands. You may use the handy devices to insert fiber bundles and micro cables (ø 0.5 - 8.0 mm) into micro-ducts quickly and easily. Ideal tools for FTTx network installations up to 500 meters.

Even the installation of the 'last few meters' from the basement to the individual apartments proceeds without much effort.

The cable lubricator EZ.EASYGLIDE supports EZ.SPEEDY and EZ.BOOSTER actions. In no time at all, the lubricator coats cables efficiently with a thin layer of lubricant.



The ZEITLER AG manufactures an attractive assortment of
pull line blowers. Thanks to the availability of different devices with the suitable accessories, pull lines may be blown into pipes from
Ø 4-200 mm (inner diameter).

Even deformed or occupied ducts can be outfitted with cables. These blown pull lines make it easy to pull cables, wires and pipes.

The market requirements are in constant flux, and we move with the markets.

We adjust the developments of our devices
to the latest customer requirements.