From contract manufacturer to manufacturer of innovative cable laying tools


Emil Zeitler founds a mechanical precision manufacturing in Munich, Germany. His first employee is his wife Annette.


Large orders from Switzerland, especially from Landis & Gyr (Zug, Switzerland), makes Emil Zeitler move his company to Neuenkirch, Switzerland


Markus Zeitler, todays owner and general manager, is born.


Markus Zeitler enters the company after completing his education and apprenticeship


During the construction of their new home, Markus Zeitler gets THE IDEA for a new product. Origin of this idea was a buckled conduit, which made it impossible to pass the wire. With his mother's vacuum cleaner a pull line was blown through a conduit for the first time. Markus Zeitler kept the idea in his mind


50 Pull Line Blowers EBG50 are manufactured.
Emil Zeitler fells serioulsy ill and is frequently absent.


Emil Zeitler dies of his desease on December 25th.
Markus Zeitler, at the age of only 24, takes over the daily business and management of the company. The marketing and distribution of the EBG 50 has to be put aside

The Pull Line Blower EBG50 finds great interest, is optimized and renamed to EZ50. The name “EZ” is given in honour of the founder of the company: Emil Zeitler.

The EZ50 gets a new, even more robust outfit and the airflow is optimised. In the meantime,  the blowing system has been registered for patent.  It's impossible to imagine the market without this smart Pull Line Blower, which is now also making a splash internationally.



After successfully launching the „EZ50“, the market started to ask for „larger“ equipment, giving birth to the “EZ.100”.


Pipe fitters, cable railway, lift manufacturer, snow-cannon facilities and cable car construction discover the Pull Line Blowers. However, they look for equipment independent of electric power supply. The solution is the EZ300, with a fuel operated engine.


A new generation of transmission technologies requires a new generation of Pull Line Blowers. The EZ15 is designed especially to feed pull line into micro-ducts to cope with the fiber optic technology.
The range of accessories is adapted constantly according to the development of the Pull Line Blowers and customer requirements.
In a team with tubes and ducts manufacturers, we are studying the possibility of feeding the pull line directly into the conduits during the production process.


In honour to the 80th birthday of the company founder Emil Zeitler, we open our web shop on November 30th 2012. In the clear and very detailed shop you will find all our products an accessories.


Two new tools conquer the market. EZ.BOOSTER and EZ.SPEEDY have been developed for direct cable feeding. Supported by compressed air or a cordless screwdriver (respectively) they easily help to manually insert fiber optic cables (0.5 - 8.0 mm) into micro-ducts

Turning the cable sparingly and efficiently with lubricant? Quite simply with the EZ.EASYGLIDE. Single or as an optimal addition to EZ.SPEEDY and EZ.BOOSTER.

Work with pre-connectorized cables or blow in two directions? No problem with the EZ.SPLIT. The new compressed air unit EZ.SPLIT is used with the EZ.SPEEDY. No need for splicing if using preconnectorized cables. So save time and money.
More comfort and safety! Blowing cables over longer distances goes easier with the EZ.SPEEDY motor block. It's placed on the EZ.SPEEDY mounting block and replaces the use of the cordless screwdriver. The EZ.SPEEDY mounting block can be screwed onto a workbench or tripod, EZ.SPEEDY is so firmly anchored and the pressure on handles / rollers remains even.
     FTTx Kit 1      FTTx Kit 2     FTTx Kit 3
The proven cable feeding tools are now also available in a practical FTTx kit.
The robust case contains everything you need to blow (and lubricate) cables gently and evenly into microtubes: the EZ.SPEEDY pusher unit, the  blowing units EZ.BOOSTER or EZ.SPLIT (divisible), the lubricator EZ.EASYGLIDE , the practical EZ.SPEEDY mounting block and a BOSCH cordless drill/driver with charger.
Your upgrade-sets can also be safely stored in the case.